UCL Museums & Collections


UCL’s museum collections are at the centre of the 100 Hours project and the curators: Nick Booth, Mark Carnall, Ludovic Coupaye, Subhadra Das, Andrea Fredericksen, and Alice Stevenson and their colleagues are all kindly supporting the work of our ten researchers as they examine their objects over the coming year.

With outstanding collections covering a wide range of disciplines, UCL’s museum collections offer researchers the opportunity to study objects such as a crocodile skull, a medical specimen, a sword swallower’s sword, an Ancient Egyptian shabti, a Rembrandt, or a 150-year-old scientific gadget, and much more besides. We hope that this website will introduce you to the curious world of university collections and the wonderful resource they provide for anyone who finds the material past an inspiration for their work.

Our researchers will be looking at objects from the Grant Museum of Zoology, the UCL Art Museum, the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, the geology collections, the Galton collection, the historical sciences collection, and the ethnography collection. Many of the collections are searchable online (see the Resources pages for further details), but if you are interested in using these collections for research purposes, then get in touch with the curators directly to discuss your ideas further.

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