Kate Smith and Leonie Hannan introducing the 100 Hours Forum:

Elin Jones speaking on ‘The Nineteenth-Century Photographic Album and Archaeologies of Knowledge’:

Mat Paskins speaking on ‘Meteorites are Potent Things to Think With’:

Leonie Hannan speaking on ‘The Object and the Archive’:

Sarah Longair speaking on ‘Dealing with Absences: Fleshing out the story of the Grant Museum’s dodo bones:

James Paz speaking ‘On “Really” Old Things: How to look without knowing’:

Florian Roithmayr speaking on ‘The Assistants and the Schoolmaster’:

Emily Orr speaking on ‘Surface Appeal of a Nupe Stool’:

Kate Smith speaking on ‘The Silent Whistle: Exploring repertoires of connection’:

Katy Barrett speaking on ‘Galton’s Weather Matters’:

Juliette Kristensen speaking on ‘The Object and … and … and … and …’:

Tullia Giersberg speaking on ‘Fields of View: The Death of Seneca in Material Perspective’:

Liz Haines speaking on ‘Re-Materialising Visuality’:

Alice Barnaby, Felix Driver, Haidy Geismar and Giorgio Riello speaking on the 100 Hours Final Panel:

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