Tullia Giersberg

Tullia Giersberg


Originally from Cologne, Germany, Tullia first came to the UK in 2005 to study for her undergraduate degree in English Literature and History (MA Joint Hons), which she obtained from The University of Glasgow in 2009, having spent her junior year abroad at UBC Vancouver. She holds an MA in Early Modern Literature: Text and Transmission from King’s College London, which introduced her to the idea of books as historical artefacts whose material histories and properties exert considerable influence upon the subject matter they contain. Tullia is currently a final-year PhD student in the English department at King’s, completing an AHRC-funded thesis on the poetics and politics of early modern machines, a project which, in charting the intellectual exchange that took place at the intersection of text and machine in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, has allowed her to combine her love of the literature of the period with her enthusiasm for material culture. Some of the questions her research project aims to address include: in what way can machines, mechanisms, instruments, and other mechanalia – objects or material artefacts in the widest sense – be said to be texts? How are they inscribed with meaning and to what end? What kinds of narratives do they project, and which stories – about their makers, their owners, and their audiences – do they tell? To what extent do (mechanical) objects participate in the construction and narration of cultural, literary, political, and religious identities?


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